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Group Therapy

Group therapy is a unique experience unlike anything else. Group therapy can be conducted in a supportive way or a more psychoeducational way. 


Support groups are often less structured and more discussion-based. Often times, group members lead discussion in support groups versus the therapist facilitating the group.  The goal or objective of a support group is for group members to feel a sense of belonging with one another and to feel they have a safe space to share and to be validated by others. 


Psychoeducational groups have a teaching element to them, and tend to be a bit more structured than support groups. The therapist facilitating the group will do more leading, and will ask members to contribute throughout the group session. Often times, there will be structured activities or thought provoking exercises done during psychoeducational groups. Usually, there are specific goals and objectives wanting to be achieved. 


Group therapy can be both open and ongoing or closed and fixed. An open and ongoing group means group members can attend whenever they would like and/or forego attendance at any time. One group is not dependent on the group prior. A closed and fixed group means members must commit to the group before it begins, and do their best to attend as many group sessions as possible (usually closed and fixed groups are 4-10 weeks and can run weekly or biweekly, etc). Usually, with closed groups, there is a skill-building component so it is important to attend as many groups as possible due to the sequence of material being presented being important to grasp and understand. 


AMW offers a variety of support groups and psychoeducational groups throughout the calendar year. We have conducted groups regarding learning the basics of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, support groups for single parents, and psychoeducational groups for building Dialectical Behavioral Therapy skills to name a few. Check our website for updates about new groups!


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