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Julie Scarpo



Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC)

Board-Certified TeleMental Health Provider (BC-TMH)

National Certified Counselor (NCC)

Certified Hatha Yoga Instructor (200hr)

Certified Shamatha Meditation Teacher 

Founder and Clinical Director


Trauma, PTSD, Gender Identity & Sexuality, LGBTQIA+, Anxiety, Depression, Relationship Dynamics/Attachment-related Concerns, Personality Disorders

Services Offered:

Individual Therapy, Couples Therapy, Consultation/Supervision, Speaking Engagements, Immigration Evaluations


Adolescents/Teens, Adults, Seniors.

Meet Julie Scarpo

It is my great honor to perform the work I do each day. I feel called to be a counselor, and have intuitively known this from a very young age. I created All Minds Welcome with the intention that everyone who comes through the door truly feels seen, heard, welcomed, and accepted for exactly who they are. While we work toward growth in therapy, we can evolve into a different  versions of ourselves. This in no way means we judge the previous version of you — every version of you will be accepted and embraced at AMW.

I’m human. Like you, I’ve experienced challenges, traumas, deaths of loved ones, loss, judgement, isolation, fear, depression, confusion, and loneliness. I’ve also experienced adventures, breakthroughs, change,  acceptance and moments where I’ve laughed so hard I’ve cried. We’ve all been there. While the ways in which these experiences manifest for each of us will vary, at the core, we’re much more alike than different. The reason I wake up every morning excited to do this work is that connection and belonging are extremely powerful — they keep us going.


I’m passionate about my own growth and evolution, which means I consistently practice the things I am talking about in therapy with clients. I am willing to show up every hour in my own vulnerability to meet clients exactly where they are. In the words of one of my most esteemed colleagues, Brené Brown: “To love ourselves and support each other in the process of becoming real is perhaps the greatest single act of daring greatly.” It is my life’s passion and purpose to show up with courage every moment on my journey to becoming real with myself, and fully being with others showing up with the same courage to grow in their own realness.

Who I help?

I am committed to helping others who are willing to courageously embark on the journey that is therapy. I often tell clients that therapy is one of the most challenging things you will ever do — to actually look at yourself through an honest lens and talk about what you see is HARD WORK! Clients come to me with a variety of concerns, and I function from an integrative approach to meet clients where they are. That may not mean much reading those words, but an important piece of awareness building is acknowledging that we may not always show up the same way each day, and that's OK. It is my strong belief that concerns don't define people; identity is a verb that is ongoing and ever-evolving.

I specialize in treating individuals with severe anxiety and other anxiety spectrum disorders, those living with depression and other mood disorders, those navigating the complexities of trauma and post-trauma experiences, and individuals struggling with creating and maintaining healthy relationships. I also specialize in therapy for couples.

I am a certified yoga instructor in addition to a licensed clinician, and incorporate elements of yoga, mindfulness, and meditation into my work with clients when interest or need is expressed.​

What can You Expect?

When you work with me, you can expect to laugh a lot. I love laughter. It's a core piece of relationship building, and I always tell clients that we will get lots of work done together but we can also do that with smiles and laughter in the mix. Therapy is hard and emotional, but it does not mean that laughter is off limits.

You can also expect an integrated approach using elements of trauma-informed CBT, mindfulness, relational-cultural theory, and use of metaphors to move beyond stuck thought/emotion. I am constantly learning and incorporating new tools and techniques from my ongoing studies and experiences, and this is something I value greatly about the work I do. I'm always interested in staying fresh and informed in the field!

Although I do incorporate some solution-focused elements in my work, most of my clients end up working with me for years!


So, if you’re considering more of a long-term therapeutic relationship, I might be a great fit for you.

When I am not at AMW then you will find me

I'm playing with my wild identical twin boys (they are my world). I love spending time with my partner and my kiddos, and anywhere I am, you will see them there, too!

Contact Info



2275 Swallow Hill Road, Building 1000, Fl. 1

Pittsburgh PA 15220

438 S. Main St., Floor 2, Pittsburgh, PA 15220

West End

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