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Individual Therapy

Beginning the process of individual therapy can be quite stressful and anxiety provoking. Many folks wonder where to even begin with looking for a therapist. The process of reading through biography after biography can be daunting and emotionally draining.


However, finding a therapist who can connect with you and provide you a space of non-judgement and openness to explore yourself can be one of the most powerful relationships in your life. The daunting process of finding the right fit is totally worth it!


Individual therapy can be a space of limitless opportunity because it is what you make of the experience and what grows out of the relationship you and your therapist create together.


Usually, the first two to four sessions consist of the client "telling their story" of what brought them to therapy as well as important details of the client's life such as personality traits/characteristics, patterns of behavior, relationships with significant people in the client's life, symptoms or challenges the client might be experiencing, and goals the client has for therapy. Beyond the first several sessions, client and therapist will work together toward achieving the client's goals and/or intentions in the therapeutic relationship.


Sometimes clients come to therapy with very specific goals like reducing anxiety. Other times, clients come to therapy with broader goals like better understanding themselves. No matter what you are considering for yourself, the process is what is most important and all of the therapists at AMW strive to prioritize "the process" and meet the client where they are that day. Some therapy days will be hard and tiring, and other therapy days will be celebratory and exciting. Just know that no matter what you bring to therapy on any given day that it is all significant and all of your stuff is a part of the fabric of who you are - even if we spend an entire session talking about the Great British Bake Off or a rerun of The Office the client just watched the week before.


We look forward to meeting you at AMW, and welcome you regardless of your experience with therapy or how specific or broad your therapeutic goals are.

The areas of focus we service include, and are not limited to the following:

• Trauma and/or PTSD

• Anxiety Disorders including Social Anxiety and OCD

• Depressive Disorders

• ADD/ADHD in adolescents and adults


• Pre and postnatal concerns/pregnancy challenges

• School-based concerns including bullying, social anxiety, etc.

• Personality Disorders


• Relationship dynamics, relationship building, attachment-related concerns

Please use our CONTACT FORM to reach out! We look forward to working with you!


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2275 Swallow Hill Road, Building 1000, Fl. 1

Pittsburgh PA 15220

438 S. Main St., Floor 2, Pittsburgh, PA 15220

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