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Individual Therapy

Here at AMW, we offer a personalized approach to meet you exactly where you are. We have providers skilled in a variety of speciality areas.

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Couples/Family Therapy

We offer support to couples and families managing a variety of concerns. Each clinician at AMW works from their own framework and approach.

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Group Therapy

We offer both psychoeducational groups and support groups here at AMW. Our group therapy is offered at different times

Support Group


Certain aspects of coaching can resemble standard talk therapy, there are distinct differences between therapy and coaching.

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AMW provides supervision as well as consultation services to pre-licensed and/or licensed clinicians.

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Immigration Evaluation

An immigration evaluation is a detailed mental health assessment that a therapist provides for an immigration case.


All Minds Welcome

Our Philosophy

It’s in the name. All Minds Welcome is not just a place; it is a space and an energy that welcomes all people from all backgrounds to connect, explore, discover, and create positive, healthy movement in their lives. We believe in honesty, even when honesty is challenging. We believe in transparency. We believe in the greater good. We believe in shifting, not “fixing”.  We believe in serving as supports and guides in assisting others to walk the path most true to themselves.


Contact Info



2275 Swallow Hill Road, Building 1000, Fl. 1

Pittsburgh PA 15220

438 S. Main St., Floor 2, Pittsburgh, PA 15220

West End

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